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Hunk o’ boy! Oh Olly we CRUSH you! 


UK X Factor Band Mate Jaymi Hensley Happy To Be Gay

The singer from Union J went to Louis Walsh, his mentour, asking advice on how he should handle being gay in the public eye. Walsh gave him the perfect response saying, “Put it this way, both of my big boybands had a gay member in them..so it fits the formula quite well!

Hensley said all of his band mates have known since the band formed and are fully behind his decision to come out.

“I’m gay, and I’ve never been happier”-Jaymi Hensley

Love it. Isn’t it awesome to see the music industry being so accepting?


ok :)

Olly Murs maks me want to stab my ovaries out with a fork. Damn.


but why do you have to be 28